Spray booth peelable coating “spray booth protection” MYLAH

One of the most valuable assets in a bodyshop is the spray booth – so why would you not protect it?

At Fastfix Pro we use the best spray booth peelable coating on the market – MYLAH!!

MYLAH is a biodegradable peelable protection coating and has many fantastic pre-delivery protection uses not just for the automotive industry but also for marine, aviation, aerospace and industrial to name a few.

When it comes to protecting your spray booth it’s such a cost effective way to ensure it stays in pristine condition for ever. Even if your booth is full of overspray and looks worn and tired then MYLAH can be applied straight on top (make sure any horrible/messy tacky booth coating is removed first) and completely transform the look of your booth in under one hour and for as little as £200 and is the most efficient method for protecting your spray booth – lowest loss of production in application compared to other products on the market.

Furthermore, it will also enhance the booth lighting levels by approx 250 lux so if your booth is currently at 750 lux level and you need to achieve 1000 lux for manufacturers approval then theres no need to replace all your light fittings which can be a costly expense.

The application is simple – use a conventional spray gun with a minimum fluid tip and nozzle set up of 3.2 and just pour and paint. MYLAH is dry in under a 20 min bake and ready to peel down immediatley.

Key features and benefits are:

  • Leaves no glue residue when peeled
  • Adheres and peelable from any substrate consisting of a wide variety of materials
  • Up to 250 microns
  • Stonechip protection – BS AU148-15 compliant grade resistent chipping test
  • Biodegradable
  • Waterbased (no solvents) zero VOC
  • Can be tinted to any specific RAL colour
  • Cost effective – compared to other spray booth protection products on the market
  • Full protection from air borne contamination and all types of fall out
  • Reduce plastic waste – huge contribution to the carbon footprint


MYLAH is truly the most revolutionary product currently on the market. See photos below and see for yourself!!


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