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Our offer

Our offer to dealerships is a simple one – the opportunity to merge with one of the most prestigious SMART repairers in the country. Fastfix Pro will manage all repairs for the dealership and remove the day-to-day running of the SMART repair process so the dealership can focus on increased car sales.

We have a dedicated SMART repair team and a proven track record of producing quality workmanship.

Our dedicated SMART repair team will deliver excellent customer service which will help reduce the repair time cycle and reduce site congestion, whilst adding additional bottom line revenue. All without the dealership needing to make any investment or employ any additional resources by adding staff overheads.

Our expert technicians are experienced, fully trained and qualified, adopting the latest specialist equipment and repair techniques whilst utilising the relevant vehicle manufacturer-approved paint system. We consistently comply to all vehicle manufacturer repair methods to help maintain your vehicle’s warranty and provide you with a high quality, safe and lasting repair.

Our attention to detail in both quality and customer service is exemplary in all members of our team who strive for perfection at all times. Our technicians and customer service team have many years of experience in dealing with prestige vehicles and the finest super cars.

Fastfix Pro | Prestige Brand Car Repairs

Improved CSI Scores

Our dealership partners have noticed that their customer satisfaction index (CSI) scores have improved dramatically since introducing Fastfix Pro to their business. The dealership has reassurance that Fastfix Pro comply with all the manufacturers’ specifications and always adhere to the correct repair methods, ensuring that the customer’s vehicle warranty is not jeopardised.

Key advantages

One of the key advantages that the dealership has when working with Fastfix Pro is control of the retail pricing structure. Fastfix Pro will initially carry out the repair estimate and present this information to the service advisor, who can then confirm the final cost with the customer. Fastfix Pro costs are fixed so the dealership will always instantly know their profit margins.


>> State-of-the-art SMART repair cabins
>> EPA compliant
>> Experienced and fully trained technicians
>> Latest specialist equipment
>> Providing a high quality, safe and lasting repair

>> Outstanding level of prestige brand SMART repairs
>> Fully compliant to all manufacturer repair methods
>> Utilising manufacturer-specific approved paint system
>> Skilled repair techniques
>> Helping dealerships focus on increased sales

Our work

We pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality service and repairs. The following images illustrate our workmanship and attention to detail.