Rupes DA Compound & Flex PXE80 cordless polisher combination

If polishing dirt nibs is required and speed is of the essence then use the Rupes & Flex combination!

The new Rupes DA compound & polishing range is fantastic and used in combination with the Flex PXE80 cordless polisher is super quick.

Part No’s for the DA range 100mm pads (which fit a 75/80mm backing plate)

Blue – 9.DA100H

Yellow – 9.DA100M

White – 9.DA100S

Use thee colour coded Rupes pads with the same colour coded compound bottles for a superior finish. The Rupes Uni Protect can also be used as a 1 stage cut, polish and protect product which is super easy to wipe off.

You can purchase all above products including the PXE80 cordless polisher from

Rupes compound & polish system along with the Flex PXE80 cordless polisher
Rupes 100mm compounding pad & Flex PXE80 cordless polisher



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