Door damaged (replace or repair)

Replace Over Repair!

Sometimes the correct repair method is to “Replace Over Repair”

More often than not, most body panels are repairable, however; one has to challenge the integrity of the metal after it has been repaired!

Whilst adopting the appropriate skills and techniques to minimise stretching of the metal, it’s virtually impossible to obtain a 100% metal finish therefore, the repair needs to be completed with the use of body filler which depending on the severity of damage may constitute more than most manufacturers compliant application rule of no more than 2mm of body filler.

Obviously the more body filler applied will increase the paint microns on the panel and a lot of lease companies are now measuring the depth of the paintwork once the vehicles are being handed back at the end of the lease term contract and charging accordingly, subsequently; sales persons are equally measuring paint depths if a vehicle is to be given in part exchange for a new vehicle which in most cases can reduce the part exchange value if the paint microns are excessive.

Although it may seem that a replacement panel is far more expensive from the outset, in the long run it maybe a more cost effective repair given the consequences detailed above and could actually save you money.

A quotation and a brief explanation from our experienced technicians can give you total peace of mind of choosing the correct method of repair for your vehicle………you can send photos by email or text to give make that initial contact and our advisors will in most circumstances send you a quotation from the photos you’ve sent (sometimes, a closer visual inspection of the damage is required) our advisors will inform you of this after they have inspected the photos.


Below is a typical example of a replacement panel as opposed to repair!


Door damaged (replace or repair)





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