BMW E46 Corrosion On Rear Panel

It’s crucial to treat any form of corrosion as soon as possible before it spreads and corrodes the entire panel. Treating any size of corrosion early can save £’s in the future.

Below is a classic example of a common corrosion problem on the E46 rear panel which the customer had treated as soon as it was visible……a very wise decision! It’s important to remove all fittings prior to painting and painting the complete panel (not blow in) produces a factory finish totally invisible to maintain the vehicles condition.

As you can see the rust spot was treated and has now totally disappeared. The customer also had some cosmetic damage to the rear bumper which was also off colour so took the opportunity to have this repaired and painted at the same time……another wise decision!

BMW E46 – rust on rear panel (before)
BMW E46 – rust removed ready for primer
BMW E46 – rust removed and primer applied
BMW E46 (bumper & rear panel ready for paint)
BMW E46 (after)
BMW E46 (after)
BMW E46 (after)


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