5 Stage paint correction machine polishing

Tired and worn out paintwork covered in swirls and scratches can often be corrected using specialist polishing techniques.

Fastfix Pro adopt a 5 stage paint correction and machine polishing process.

Step 1: Wash/Foam complete vehicle

Step 2: Clay bar complete vehicle

Step 3: Examine and determine level of paint correction required on all body panels, then use fine grades of abrasives from P1000-P6000 wet or dry and/or D.A discs.

Step 4: Using a cutting compound and appropriate cutting polishing pad, machine polish complete vehicle

Step 5: Using a finish polish with appropriate finishing polishing pad, finish machine polish complete vehicle

An air blower and microfibre cloth is all that’s required after the 5 stages have been completed to satisfaction in order to complete the paint correction process






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